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Top aa 10th step prayer 4th step inventory sheets - Yahoo Image Search Results | A - Hours beforehand.?? ____ “we ask god to direct our thinking especially asking that it's divorced of self-pity.69) ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ____ “…. Selfish. We deal with intercourse as we might every other problem. We are regularly surprised how the proper solution comes after we've tried this for some time.87-88) “’how am i able to exceptional serve thee—thy will (no longer mine) be done. Second step prayer: heavenly father, i know in my heart that best you may restore me to sanity. I humbly ask that you dispose of all twisted idea and addictive behavior from me at the moment. Heal my spirit and restore in me a clear thoughts. 1/3 step prayer: god, i offer myself to thee. To construct with me and to do with me as thou wilt. Relieve me of bondage of self, that i can also higher do thy will. Do away with my problems. That victory over them may also undergo witness to those i'd assist of thy strength, thy love and thy way of existence. May i do thy will always. First step prayer: dear god, i admit that i'm powerless over my addiction. I admit that my lifestyles is unmanageable after i try to manipulate it. Assist me this present day to apprehend the authentic that means of powerlessness. Eliminate from me all denial of my addiction.

I am now not what i ought to be. i am now not what i want to be. i am not what i am hoping to be. however still, i am not what i was. and with the aid of the grace of god, i am what i am. Permit peace reign among my soul and my body. Permit my body be sanctified and purified till it becomes united with the holy soul, and i perform all of your commandments and do the whole thing you want of me, frame and soul, willingly and with high-quality pleasure.

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