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Popular subject pronoun worksheets for grade 2 I and Me Personal Pronouns Worksheets Part 2 Beginner | Voic - 2 write sentences in gift easy 1. The irish _________________(now not speak) french. 2. What time ____________________(classes/ start) inside the morning? 3. Water __________________(boil) at 100 ranges. four. How __________________________(tim and jack/move) to school? On foot. five. She ________________________(go/typically) to museums while she _______________ (travel) to big cities. 6. Bart simpson ___________________(now not put on) glasses. 7. ____________________________(your father/study/commonly) the newspaper on sunday? eight. Vegetarians ____________________(no longer devour) meat. 9. I _____________________(stay) in manchester. In which _________________ (you/stay)?.

Spanish direct item pronouns can be difficult at times, however this worksheet and quiz can assist pinpoint any areas nonetheless needing assessment. You'll be asked to to identify direct objects and pick out likely pronoun substitutes.

Five. ____________________________(tom and sam/cross) to the cinema tomorrow? Three. I __________________________(usually/take) the 5 o'clock educate. Julia isn't always here now. Jack _________________________(want) to become a medical doctor. _____________________________(jack/play) football next week? No. 2. While ______________________(sarah/do) her homework? 3 write sentences in present continuous 1. . Do not shout! The toddler _________________________(sleep). 5. Next month. My brother _________________________(in no way/take) the bus. 1.10. _________________________(she/usually/use) the school library? 7. Paula ________________________(have a look at) english in the intervening time. Can you repeat? I _______________________(no longer understand) the question. 1. We ________________________(journey) to los angeles. She ________________________(write) an electronic mail. They ________________________(take) the books returned to the library later. 5 write the following sentences in past simple. 4. 6. 4. I best _____________________(sleep) 4 hours. _________________ 6. 3. 4 whole the sentences with the existing easy or continuous. 2. Next thursday. Ultimate night. I ________________________(revise) for the mathematics examination.

Pronouns 1. Allow's send beth an 1ec5f5ec77c51a968271b2ca9862907d- __________ 2. I do not want to speak about the problem. ________ three. The woman is sitting subsequent to the man. ________ _________ 4. Mr and mrs sullivan are in the kitchen. __________ five. The book belongs to mary. _________ __________ 6. Sarah sees craig and me at school every morning. ________ __________ 7. I generally buy comics on the bookstore. _________ 8. My brother and that i exit each friday night. ___________ nine. The fowl beverages a few water from the fountain. __________.

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